Being Superwoman


“It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and make your happiness a priority.
It’s necessary”-unknown

Growing up we are taught many things but none as important as how we treat others. What about how we treat ourselves? Treat others the way you would like to be treated, I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that in my lifetime. If I treated others the way I treat myself, at times, I may not have any friends. I have come to realize I am not making myself a priority. Why do I treat everyone else in my life better than I treat myself? Guess what? I have no one to blame but myself. OOOhhh that stings a little. That is a hard pill to swallow.

I had to look in the mirror and really take an inventory of myself. What I saw scared the crap out of me, for one, I had no make up on and two, I had to look at the dark circles that have magically appeared under my eyes and three, the grey color my skin has taken on from chemo and yes here it is again, NOT TAKING CARE OF MYSELF. I can preach all day long to others that I’m Fighting Fabulously and others should follow suit but am I really? I think Fighting Fabulously has many meanings but none as important as taking care of yourself and I am the first to raise my hand and say I have received an “F” on that test the past couple of months.

I listen to my words as I’m saying them to others,”You need to rest your body, healing happens at rest, Make sure you are juicing and fueling your body with all the nutrients it needs.” UMMMM excuse me Shanna, are you listening to yourself? Great leaders don’t tell you what to do they show you how it’s done.

As mothers, wives, sisters, friends, and the many other hats we wear, we have this unwritten rule that our title needs to be Superwoman. Before Superwoman puts on her cape, I’m guessing she has to fuel her body to fly, and I’m guessing that she has to meditate to be in the right mind, and I’m also guessing she works out to make her body stronger. Food for thought, Superwoman is Superwoman because of how she prepares. She makes herself a priority before she puts on the cape.

So my Fabulous Fighters, before we put on the cape and jump into action let’s make ourselves a priority because at the end of the day we are our longest commitment. Remember, being good to ourselves is our Superpower. We just need to use it.


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