Questions as we Grieve

“You’re wings were ready, but my heart was not.”-Unknown

Over the past few weeks I have seen many fighters gain their wings. I am left with a heavy heart and of course many questions. The question I always ask is why? What is the reason and what is this teaching us? I was left with these questions when my mother-in-law passed away from pancreatic cancer, I asked these questions when we lost our friend Rachel from Breast Cancer and now I am asking as I just heard of a sweet innocent girl gaining her angel wings to brain cancer. All beautiful souls gone to soon.

How do you move on? How do you deal with the pain and hurt your heart feels? The best I can come up with is, it hurts because they mattered. It hurts because their life had purpose and it makes us stop to see the purpose in our own lives. Look deeper into our faith. It is at these times we question our journey here on earth and wonder what we are doing to matter.

I search for answers to come up with. There are no answers to questions like these. There are only memories of the beautiful moments shared. Memories of the beautiful smiles that have touched our hearts, the laughs that have made tears run down our face, and the moments of complete silence knowing how much love is shared.

I have to believe these beautiful souls have left us for a purpose, I have to believe these amazing spirits will continue to live on through us. We keep their memory alive. We keep them in our hearts forever. The memories that are forever ingrained in our minds and hearts is what makes it all matter. We all matter and we all have a purpose.

When we believe beyond what our eyes can see, signs from heaven show up to remind you love never dies. As we all grieve in our own way for our loved ones that have passed on, remember to look around. That star shining bright, that beautiful sunset, that drop of rain fallen on the leaf. Reminding us all to enjoy everyday. Those we love didn’t go away, they walk beside us everyday, unseen, unheard, but always near, still loved, still missed and very dear.

All My love,

Fab Marie xoxoIMG_5195


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