I do believe in Magic



If you were to ask me if I still believe in magic after all that we’ve been through, my answer is yes!

Can I hear it? No, because the magic is silent. You feel it. You know it. You believe it. Last night my husband Dave and I pulled off a Christmas surprise for our daughter Mackenzie. For weeks we have been excited with anticipation to give her the most magical gift. Tickets to the Boston Ballets Nutcracker.

As most of you know Mackenzie is an aspiring ballerina. She performed as the prestigious role of Clara in this year’s production of the Nutcracker with Northeastern Ballet Company. Watching her fulfill her goal of becoming Clara was magical in itself but to realize her big goal is set on performing with the Boston Ballet is a magical moment for any parent. Dave and I have always encouraged Mackenzie to dream bigger, sky is not the limit, there is a whole galaxy to explore. We are realistic and keep her feet on the ground knowing full well that being accepted into any big company is hard and grueling work.

We took Mackenzie to dinner and as she opened the box of tickets to the show I could see the glimmer in her eye. I could see the magic of believing in something bigger for herself. As we took our seats 7 rows from the stage the air was filled with hope and anticipation of the magic that was about to erupt. As the curtain opened the conductor waved his magic wand and the orchestra burst with heavenly sounds, the stage filled with beautiful ballerinas, and the glowing lights illuminated the path to Clara’s dream world.

The Nutcracker came to life and the magic we had dreamed about for weeks was waving its wand over the entire audience. Mesmerized by the exquisite costuming, the snow falling from the heavenly sky, and the 150 cast members it was certain we were living the magic of our dreams.

Anyone who challenges that magic exists I want you to realize magic is a gift. It is a gift you give yourself. Once you stop believing in magic you will live a life without it. I was reminded that the magic created on the stage was the magic everyone from dancers, to choreographers, to parents, to wardrobe believed in to make the production possible. The magic was created by love. Love for the arts and I will be forever grateful I was there to witness a miracle of magic with my beautiful family.

Magic is all around us you just have to believe. Happy Holidays to all my friends, family and Fabulous Fighters. May the magic of your dreams create miracles.





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