Jumping in with both feet


When you jump on the scale and instead of your weight it reads, “You have a great personality.” you know somethings not right. Why do we always start a diet on Monday? Why do we always promise to eat better after the holidays, or take care of ourselves when it is absolutely necessary.

I’ve had cancer now for over eleven years and I am always intrigued by the people even after diagnosed with a serious illness kick and scream to take care of themselves. They continue to smoke, drink, or even give up completely. My approach has always been to fight like hell and find a natural way to cure my cancer. In a previous article I wrote I explained that I will be jumping in with both feet to a naturopathic way to heal my body and rid it of cancer.

After meeting a woman at a holistic cancer seminar, who healed both her husband and brother from aggressive forms of cancer. I knew it could be done. This woman was the answer to the question that has puzzled me for years, “how do you put it all together?” Finally I was able to take all of the methods in naturopathic healing studied over the years and have come up with a solid plan to be on the right track to heal myself. I am inviting you to continue reading my blog as I will be posting my plan: including essential oil recipes, tinctures, raw and vegan food recipes, explaining and showing you the Soqi Bed which is (infrared technology), and posting my results. From weight loss to shrinking tumors and officially healing my body. I am all in and I hope my journey inspires and motivates anyone facing adversity that healing your body, mind, and soul can be done.

The official beginning for this new journey began on Tuesday. I didn’t want to be the stereotype Monday new diet gal. I wanted to make a statement knowing that this is now my way of life. This has been a long time coming and I am so excited to share it with you.

Tuesday began with all raw food and ended with me as a mad scientist in the kitchen mixing tinctures and essential oils for healing. Not only have I learned how to mix and where the essential oils needs to be placed on my body to insure proper healing but also what oils need to be ingested to shrink and eliminate tumors
. My husband has jumped right in to learn all he can as well. He will be keeping me accountable through this entire journey. And P.S so far he has become a royal pain in my ass. But I know it is out of love and the fact he would be lost without me.

So please click on the the recipe tab and you will find a raw food recipe that will become a staple in my diet because it is delicious. Stay tuned for updates, recipes, and essential oils 101.

All my love to you Fabulous Fighters,

Fab xoxo


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