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Medicine is not health care. Medicine is sick care. It’s time we see it for what it is.

Many of you have inquired about the strides in my heath. I wanted to educate and offer the inside look of how and what I am doing to create a life without cancer. After 11 years I have finally put all the pieces of the puzzle together to truly see results. I have spoken in the past about food and letting food be medicine, which is just a slice of the work that I have put into healing my body. When my cancer journey began I wanted to learn all I could about the human body and what makes it sick, but being young and scared I would listen to every doctor and truly believe their way was the best way. The problem being that modern medicine is not to heal but to mask the disease with a white prescription pad long enough to pad the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical industry does not create cures they create customers. It has taken me a long time to truly understand that statement and to finally open my eyes to the world of naturopathic healing.

Naturopathic Medicine is based on the belief that the human body has an innate healing ability. Naturopathy puts the medical pieces together in order to heal the whole person, not just the disease. Naturopathic therapy is a NATURAL approach to treating poor health and preventing disease. Treatment is aimed at restoring balance and aiding in the natural SELF-HEALING abilities of the body.

Knowledge is power! I had no idea that the knowledge I have learned could save my life. I have incorporated a complete natural and holistic health approach to my life. Holistic health is mind, body and spirit. Every piece working together to heal me.

I am going to walk you through a day and what I am doing to heal: Keep in mind this is my journey and what I have chosen to do. While it is working for me I am not giving anyone a prescription for the exact path I have chosen. Everyone is different and unique in there own journey.

I have been meditating for over a decade but never as much and in depth as I am doing now. Everyday starts and ends with mediation and sometimes during the day. The quieter I become the more I hear. The benefits of taking the time to listen has been an eye opening experience. I get to hear my gut and most of the time when I follow my gut I see results. We all have that little voice that knows whats right for us, most don’t take the time to listen. Meditation done properly with give you what you need to hear.

Raw Food:
A raw foods diet is made up of fresh, whole, unrefined, living, plant-based foods: fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, nuts, and seeds, which are consumed in their natural state, without cooking or steaming.  Seems pretty extreme and for the most part this is the biggest transition for not only your body but your mind. I will admittedly say I am only eating about 70% raw food the rest being a vegan lifestyle.

Essential Oils:
Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers and other parts of the plant. Essential oils have been used throughout history for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits. Essential oils are mentioned in the bible more than 500 times and have been used for medicine, religious ceremonies, beauty treatments and in food. I only use certified pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils for ingestion, applying to the skin, and diffused into the air. I have many recipes that are applied to my spine to open up my lymphatic system which I will explain in another post.

Tinctures are liquid extracts made from herbs that you take orally (by mouth). They are usually extracted in alcohol, but they can also be extracted in vegetable glycerine or apple cider vinegar (non-alcohol). Tinctures are easy and convenient to use. Tinctures are also easier to give to children as they have to take only small amounts Because they are taken directly under the tongue, they enter the bloodstream much more directly than by any other means. This means that the action in the body is usually quicker. Although some herbs will have an immediate effect, such as those used to help one relax.  Others that are more nutritive and building in nature. Nutritive tinctures may take several weeks of continual use before best results are seen.

Soqi Bed:
The SOQI (pronounced so-key) Bed consists of the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine and three Far Infrared HotHouse Domes, a high-quality Massage Table and Sound System. The SOQI Bed was designed and built with the highest quality materials to give you an elegant, yet durable product allowing one to totally relax, resulting in eliminating stress.
The SOQI Bed displays a futuristic design and was developed with the focus on today’s current health trends. It is a brand new concept in holistic health management and utilizes the latest in scientific technology. The “So” of SOQI represents Solar Energy and “Qi” from SOQI represents life’s energy. The SOQI Holistic Health Spa is unique with its multi energy concept integrating Motion Energy, Thermal Energy, and Sound with its quality music into it’s very own unique multi-energy healing product. It does an excellent job in revitalizing you!

The SOQI Bed with its Far Infrared HotHouse Domes offers the same benefits as an infrared saunas plus benefits similar to massage with the Chi Machine. These holistic healing benefits include:
• Detoxification through the skin with far infrared. Far infrared saunas provide this same benefit, although the SOQI Bed covers the entire body, while the sauna has limited areas that emit far infrared rays. Research shows the sweat from a person utilizing far infrared contains many more toxins including heavy metals, nicotine, and alcohol.
• Assists with maintaining a healthy Weight by supporting an active metabolism.
• Supports the overall condition of the circulatory system and promotes circulation.
• Due to your body not accumulating so many toxins, it has anti-aging benefits.
• Promotes cellular oxygenation through healthy circulation, passive aerobic exercise and massage.
• Full Body Massage such as relieving minor muscle aches and soreness and relief of tension caused by fatigue.
• Promotes an overall feeling of well-being and promotes better energy.
• Helps provide movement for the body helping to promote lymphatic draining which can reduce excess fluids.
• Relaxing and stress reducing which is still a culprit in many of today’s health problems.
The SOQI Bed uplifts your Spirit and is extremely Therapeutic!

I hope I have been able to answer questions to what I am doing and how I am healing myself. This may seem very overwhelming to read as it has been very overwhelming to learn at times. This has been 11 plus years of learning and gathering information. I have studied with some of the most influential people in the holistic health and healing field. I do not take this approach to healing lightly nor do I take for granted that this is working for me.

“To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”-Buddha

All My love to you, Fabulous Fighters,

Fab xoxo 


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