Before and After


Before and After 

When they say a picture is worth a thousand words…. That is no Joke.

I recently wrote an article for submission to a raw food magazine and had to submit a “before” and “after” picture.  I knew the picture I wanted to use for my “after”, but the “before” picture was a bit of a head scratcher. When I finally came to a decision on the “before” and put the two pictures side by side I immediately started to cry. My grey skin, my puffy face, my fake smile hiding so much hurt and complete lethargy.

12 years of chemotherapy became my normal.  A handful of chemotherapy pills, fatigue, nausea, and many more side effects that I will spare you from. I was eating healthy, walking and resting when I could, but chemotherapy was in control and killing me.  Most say if the cancer doesn’t kill you the chemo will. I did not want to be that statistic. So I made a change and finally took control of my health and my life.

I immersed myself in raw foods, essential oils, meditation and a soqi bed. I came off the chemotherapy at the discouragement of all my doctors and started on this new journey to a healthier me. I am happy to report my determination is paying off and my tumors are finally recognizing that I am in control.  They have stabilized and some are even shrinking.  My hair is growing back and my skin is no longer grey.  I am glowing again and not from radiation.  This is my new normal. Renewed energy, releasing 50 pounds and loving my life again.

My cancer prognosis is far from being on the “cured” list but I am working toward it.  Please don’t ever think that you have to be the “normal” stereotype of a cancer patient.  No one can listen to your body for you. To grow and heal you have to take responsibility for listening to it yourself.  Make your intuition your favorite superpower.

All the best to you my Fabulous Fighters,

Fab- xoxo


2 thoughts on “Before and After”

  1. Fab,
    My journey has not been anyway as long as your’s , but being positive ,taking and staying in control is so important to our survival ! Your words are humbling to say the least.
    I too found many alternatives to help me along the road so many of us travel!
    Thank you💖

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