Fab’s Fiber Fuel



3 Green Apples- Relieves Constipation, reactivates good gut bacteria, helps remove toxins, helps with cancer prevention.

4 Celery stalks- Helps lower high cholesterol, lowers inflammation, helps prevent or treat high blood pressure, protects liver health, helps prevent urinary tract infections, may help protect from cancer,

2 Cucumbers- Relieves joint pain, promoted digestion, fights cancer, helps regulate blood pressure.

1 inch piece of ginger root- Helps fight cancer, clears skin, relieves gas, fights infections, clears sinuses, helps with motions sickness and nausea, strengthens immune system.

1 small bunch Kale- Anti-inflammatory, Heart support, antioxidant, cancer prevention, healthy vision, brain development in infants.

1 Lemon- Aids in digestion, boosts energy and mood, helps shed pounds, rejuvenates skin and body healing.

1 Pineapple- Helps to fight cancer, Rich in Vitamin C, Reduces inflammation, Aids in digestion, high in fiber.


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