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“There’s nothing wrong with enjoying looking at the surface of the ocean itself, except that when you finally see what goes on underwater, you realize that you’ve been missing the whole point of the ocean.” – Dave Barry

Years ago, Dave and I watched “The Secret”, a documentary on manifestation and the Law of Attraction.   It resonated with us, so we made vision boards and started to work on daily visualization and using the Law of Attraction to help us get what we wanted.  For years, we would experience the manifestation of certain things that we were consciously asking for, but also many other things that seemed to come out of nowhere. Bad things, things that we didn’t want and didn’t think we were asking for.   If you are familiar with my story at all, you are aware that we have struggled with money and subsequently with homes, cars, etc.  We thought we were putting out to the universe only what we wanted by visualizing the specific house or car.  We thought we knew “The Secret.”

I recently started working with a life coach who has built his career and life around universal law including the Law of Attraction.  In a matter of just a few hours on the phone with him the harsh reality of the last 12 years of my life came crashing down around me, like waves crashing on the beach, pounding the sand.  We are responsible for everything that happens to us.  We have brought about everything with our thoughts.  Hold on, don’t stop reading just yet.  If you are not a student of universal law, I may be losing you, but hear me out.   The Law of Attraction in its simplest form is this: what you think about you bring about.  Now, it isn’t as easy as thinking “I want a million dollars” and poof, it appears.  What you think about often and with emotional attachment is what the universe, your subconscious and your super conscious will begin to manifest.  They create a plan and start to bring circumstances, opportunities and people to you that can help make your wish a reality.

For 12 years, we were focusing on having a cancer free life, financial security and financial freedom manifest, but the real thoughts paired with unbelievable emotion were really “I don’t want cancer” and “I am stressed about money”.  The universe does not understand want and don’t want.   So, an emotionally charged “I don’t want this stuff to keep happening to me”, is really “I want this stuff to keep happening to me.” This is scary stuff!  I mean, holy shit, I manifested the 12 year continuance of my cancer.  What this all boils down to are the lessons you can learn from what happens to you.  If you can start to think of every obstacle as an opportunity to learn, and choose to be the victor instead of the victim, your life will change.  When I look back on 12 years with cancer, I could be pissed, I could lead the pity party parade, but instead, I am now focusing on what I have learned because of cancer.  If I continue to focus on the cancer and how much it sucks, I am just putting two negatives out there, with a whole lot of emotion and basically asking the universe to bring me more of that negativity.

It is scary to look back on what has come into our lives and to realize that we unintentionally brought it in.  Now I realize that we must focus on not where we are or what we don’t have, but instead where we want to be.  If I focus on what I am grateful for, and truly feel that gratitude, the universe will bring me more of that positive energy.  So what on earth could 12 years of cancer make me grateful for?  Quite a lot actually, but here are the biggies:

– While living with cancer I have had to learn who I want in my life, who will be positive, who will be supportive and who will not.  I honestly believe that negative energy feeds illness and I have had to oust those who are incapable of bringing positive energy into my life.

– I am grateful for the people that this disease brings into my life daily.  I am always meeting new people who have their own story, who are on their own journey and we form an amazing bond that is only possible between those who have fought similar demons.

– I am grateful for the obstacles that metastatic cancer has brought into my life medically, helping me to find my voice and to finally be an advocate for what is best for my body, my life and my soul.

When you dive deeper into your soul, and start to trust that inner compass, that inner guide, that you have always second guessed and doubted you begin to realize that it has been pointing you in the right direction all along.  This is where you find your true, authentic self.   This is the self that lies beyond your possessions, your income, your physical appearance, and your ego; the self that knows your deepest desires and how to get you there.   It is easier to just stay on the surface, to not dive deep into the depths of our soul.  However, we cannot stop what happens deep within us by pretending it does not exist, anymore than we can stop the tide and happenings within the depths of the ocean by just admiring the surface.

Dig deep my fabulous fighters, for within you, you have the power to shape your destiny.


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