Water does a body good?

A common side effect of chemotherapy is a change in your tastes.  Foods and beverages you may have loved may all of a sudden start to taste metallic.  Even now, having been off of chemotherapy for three months, I cannot drink regular water or even most bottled waters because it literally tastes like a penny.  I luckily found one brand, Fiji, that does not have a taste to me and I believe it to be because of the alkalinity of this water.

Our bodies are designed to be alkaline, slightly above neutral.  The environment, the food and beverages we eat and drink and countless other things we are exposed to can make our body acidic.  Disease forms in an acidic body.  Inflammation occurs on a higher level in an acidic body.  Cancer will thrive in an acidic body.  Considering our bodies are up to 60% water and that our organs are comprised mostly of water, acidic water is certainly going to have an impact on our body chemistry.


Over the last few months I have been working hard to alkalize my body by focusing on consuming alkalizing foods and, though I was left with little choice thanks to my chemo-tastic taste buds, drinking alkaline water.  Since focusing on my body pH, I have found that I feel better, have more energy and have less brain fog.  I will go into the full details of what I am doing to remain alkaline in another post, but for now I will share a fun video of a mother daughter team testing popular bottled waters for their pH level.




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