Lady Bosses: Hell on Heels


Its a beautiful thing when career and passion come together.

No matter how many books I read before giving birth to Mackenzie, nothing ever truly prepared me for the birth of a child or raising that child to be a decent human being. The same concept goes for a start up business, you can read as many books as you would like, even take classes, but nothing truly prepares you to be a #LadyBoss. When I started my company, I did it because of the passion I had for writing and the burning desire I had for helping others. I had no idea how to handle the logistics of actually starting this business from the ground up, so I literally piece by piece, day to day, and one question after another have begun building. I set my intentions for success, threw on the best pair of heels I had, and have hustled every day since.

Late nights and early mornings are part of the reality of owning your own business.

I look around and I find myself gravitating to those women who are also making it happen, who are using their passion to not only better their lives, but the lives of others. They are supporting their families and changing the stigma attached to women earning less than men. The facts say that women earn 76 cents for every dollar a man does….Well gentleman watch out, because the lady bosses are focused, fabulous and determined to change those facts.

This article is not to bash men but to really talk about encouraging women to be their own boss and how we can support one another. This article stemmed from last weekend at a book signing and the realization that I was a walking, talking billboard for other lady bosses and their businesses. I found myself wearing a LulaRoe “Joy” longline vest, accompanied by my DRE Design earrings and my Lip Sense lipstick from Countless Kisses by Kristi. All things other killer lady bosses have sold me on. I have bought into not only their products but also the passion they have behind what they are doing.

I am not blind or naive to how many people feel about direct sales and the roll of the eyes when scrolling through Facebook and you see this person is selling this, or that person is asking for you to have a “party”…. But guess what? The passion and desire to make their lives better is what motivates them to ask, to spend their time cold calling or Facebook messaging. How is this different then the barrage of advertisements on television, websites and in magazines? The difference is the hustle these women are doing and the passion and belief in the products they are selling. The next time you are scrolling Facebook and see a post “selling” something, stop and ask yourself if that post was created by someone in a corner office who couldn’t care less about your wellbeing, or someone who truly believes that their products can make a difference in your life.

Direct sales or not, #Lady Bosses are here to stay. We must work together to support one another and show our children that women can be unified in their passion and beliefs without tearing each other down. Today’s Lady Bosses are breaking the mold, they are proud to be women while running their companies. Technology and social media have created a new realm in which women can take care of their children and families all while building their empires from home. I am proud to support other women in business and I will continue to encourage others to put on their heels and grab onto their dreams.
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