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Modes of Meditation


If you were to search on the internet for different types of meditation, you would be bombarded with how many different forms are out there.  Dave and I generally use meditation for two primary functions: relaxation and mental clarity and focus.  We use music and mantra chanting to do this.  Here is an idea of what works for us:

Relaxation: We generally do this at night before bed.  I will listen to water sounds as the ocean has always calmed me, use my mantra to clear my mind, and then starting at my toes working all the way up to my head, consciously clench and release all muscles, one at a time, to relax my body.  I also take deep, cleansing breaths, slowly breathing in and try to exhale any tension as I slowly release the breath.

Mental clarity and rejuvenation: This is my morning meditation.  I listen to chanting designed for focus and rejuvenation, use my mantra to clear my mind and stop the thought train, then I focus on the music and keep my mind clear.  If a thought keeps coming back then I try to bless and release it, truly letting it go as it is usually something that is bothering me or creating stress.

Dave does his morning meditation just before he starts work.  He is striving for calmness, peace and mental clarity.  He listens to Tibetan singing bowls, clears his mind and sets his intentions for the day.

Whatever method, music, mantra, style, or purpose works for you, is what is right for you.  The ultimate goal is to take a few minutes out for yourself, to be more in harmony with your body, mind and soul and to carve out your own relaxation, peace and calm on this crazy rollercoaster we call life.

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