Castle in my mind


You may have heard of visualization and meditation.  Today I want to share one of the visualizations that I use to clear negativity.  This is based on a technique that I first learned from hypnotherapy.  I start by using my mantra chant to clear my mind.  I then picture the beach, which is my favorite place, and the ocean. I can hear the waves and feel the sun. On this beach, there is a castle which I walk towards.  I visualize myself walking into the castle, up a flight of stairs, feeling the dampness of the stone walls and smelling the mustiness that comes with age for such a structure.  I enter a large room with a floor to ceiling book case.  I take a book off of the shelf, open it and begin writing down all of the negative emotions, problems and situations that I want to release.  I see myself writing each word and feel the pen and book in my hands.  When I am done writing, I close the book and say “I release this negativity to the universe, I release all of these things.”  I put the book back on the shelf, walk back down the stairs and exit the castle. I step into the bright, blazing sun, feel the cool ocean breeze on my face and walk onto the beach feeling free and at peace.

You do not have to picture a castle or a beach, what you picture will be specific to what speaks to you.  Essentially, I picture someplace that brings me peace, so picture wherever or whatever that may be for you.  Try to hear the sounds and see the things you would really experience if there.  If you are just looking to relax, this may be the extent of your visualization.  If you are looking to release something, then you may also go further to include a way to leave that something behind, somewhere it will no longer affect you.  For me it is in a book in a room of the castle, for you it could be something different.  I end by returning to that place of calm, peace and safety to bask in the rays of the sun, to feel the warmth of it on my skin, to take in deep breaths of the ocean air.

When you feel that need to get away, realize that you can do so within your mind.  You do not have to wait until your next vacation to find that peace and solace.

Namaste my Fabulous Fighters,




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