Grow through what you go through


Life gives you countless lessons: it will make you climb many mountains and will drag you through the muddiest of waters. Life will also show you the rainbows and the pot of gold if you allow it to. You get to choose whether you let the lessons, situations, and circumstances in your life define you, strengthen you or consume you.

12 years ago this month I sat on my kitchen floor holding my one year old daughter, sobbing in utter shock at my breast cancer diagnosis. The tidal wave of cancer, surgery, chemotherapy, hair loss, and of course the thought of dying crashed around in my head like a tsunami. I was focused on the nightmare of the diagnosis not what the diagnosis was going to teach me.

Days later when I was finally able to see past the end of my nose I decided how the diagnosis was going to shape me as a human being. I decided the word cancer wasn’t going to define me or how I lived. My will to live was stronger than any chemotherapy they could give me.

I have grown through the past twelve years celebrating my successes, acknowledging my setbacks, and always looking for the pot of gold. I consciously decided that every obstacle is a learning tool. I have my days when I question and sometimes even mock the process but it continues to teach me life lessons.

Growth can make us uncomfortable because we have never been there before. Every minute is a minute we have never experienced. So my Fabulous Fighters choose to grow through what you are going through. The hardest days are the days that will teach you the most.

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there”-unknown

All my love to you Fabulous Fighters,





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