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Fab’s Hydra-Juice

Cancer fighting watermelon juice

This juice is great for hydration and digestion and is perfect on a sunny summer day.

Watermelon: (seeds removed) 1/4 of a large melon, rind removed.

  • Boosts immunity, improves heart health, detoxifies the body, prevents kidney stones, relieves acid reflux.

Mint: 5-10 leaves depending on your desired level of minty-ness.

  • Improves oral health, promotes digestion, a natural stimulant, inhibits the release of histamines.

Organic English Cucumber: 1 whole peeled

  • Fights inflammation, helps to manage stress, supports digestive health, reinforces heart health, helps maintain a healthy weight.

Organic baby spinach: 2 large handfuls

  • Helps prevent cancer, high in antioxidants, improves vision, good source of calcium, helps brain and nervous system function.

Ginger (fresh) peeled : 1 inch

  • Soothes Irritable Bowel Syndrome, relieves tired muscles, decreases inflammation, improves circulation.

1/2 of a lemon (rind removed)

  • Balances pH levels, lowers stress levels, fights cancer, helps keep the body hydrated, kills free radicals (strong antioxidant).



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