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Adaptogens Stress Adrenal

Stress is one of those things that we all wish we could live without.  The more we wish away our stress, the more stress it seems we have.  Recently, I started having major stomach pains and feared the worst when I went in for my monthly scans.  After all, being metastatic means the cancer has already spread, which it has, and each new ailment brings with it the fear of further spreading.  Fortunately, I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, something I have probably had for some time.  I have been under a lot of stress recently building my business and this seemed to have caused a major flare up.

A good friend of mine started a nutritional system last year and she has been suggesting I try it for months.  Each time I would politely decline, it just didn’t seem like the thing for me.  One day,  I was in such discomfort after eating that I decided to try one of the products she had given me a sample of.  Wouldn’t you know it, within minutes, my stomach pain subsided and I started to feel better.  I text her and asked, “What the hell is in this stuff?”  She responded, “Adaptogen botanicals, they help to regulate the body and bring it back to a state of normal.”

I have gone on to use this product before bed as it helps me to sleep better and I also drink it in the morning mixed into a cup of tea.  Ionix is my new stress and stomach relief.  Made up of B vitamins and adaptogen herbs, this product undergoes rigorous quality testing and is vegan.  Check out a great article about Ionix here.   You can also find more information on the Fabulous Finds page by clicking here.


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