All natural pit paste that isn’t the pits!


There is nothing like the ripe scent of BO on a hot summer day to make you throw up slightly in your mouth.  The problem is, the aluminum and other nasty stuff in traditional deodorant and anti perspirant are not things that I want to put in my body.  I have been on quest for a natural deodorant and antiperspirant for quite some time, often being disappointed at the lack of antiperspirant qualities or the rashes that seemed to pop up in my pits.

Recently I tried Native deodorant and I am happy to report that while it is not an antiperspirant, my sweating is limited and I do not at all have any odor.  It leaves my skin soft and I have not developed a rash.  A friend of mine put this pit paste to the test, doing multiple work outs outside in the Las Vegas heat and she claims there was still no odor!

Native has our vote of confidence and their light hearted and quirky correspondence is sure to put a smile on your face.

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