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It’s an inside job – the third eye

third eye chkra

Week 2: Third Eye Chakra

What is it: Represented by the color indigo, the third eye chakra is located on the forehead between the eyes.  Through our third eye we can connect to our cosmic insight and heal and balance our minds.  When in balance, we feel open and focused, with a deep spiritual connection and we can easily determine between truth and illusion.

How does a blockage manifest: When off balance, we may be moody, distrusting or stuck in a day dream.

How do you clear it: The third eye is associated with the element of light.  To help with focus you can light a candle and meditate on its flame.  The scents of lavender and rosemary are excellent choices for promoting focus and relaxation.  Recite the following affirmation as you focus in on the flame:  “I see the truth in all situations.  I trust my intuition and inner wisdom and follow them. My life is divinely guided and always takes me in the direction best for me.  I accept my path, I am healing in mind, body and spirit.”


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