It’s an Inside Job – Throat Chakra

throat chakraWeek #3: The Throat Chakra

What is it: Represented by the color blue the throat chakra is located in the center of the throat and deals with issues of honesty, integrity, truth, expression and communication.  Physically it supports your neck, jaw, teeth, lower sinuses, throat and thyroid gland.

How does a blockage manifest:  You may be afraid to speak up and voice your opinion around others.  You settle for following the opinions of others and tend to be the quiet one in your social circle.  You may experience sore throats, swollen glands, infections of the gums or mouth and sinus problems.

How do you clear it:  Say this affirmation during your meditation to clear the throat chakra:  “The only voice influencing my life is the voice of my higher self and God’s divine wisdom.  All other voices I lovingly ask to leave.  I am a clear receiver.”

Singing can also help to clear the throat chakra.  The vibrations clear the chakra and allow for the release of emotions.



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