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Flawed Perfection

Flawed perfection

You are more than a number on a scale, or an article of clothing or in line at the deli counter.  You are a beautiful being that is worthy of self love, happiness and success.  For over twelve years, my body has not been completely my own.  I have had to share it with Lupus, Breast Cancer and all of the lovely side effects of these diseases and the treatment of them.  Some of these side effects have included weight gain, fluid retention and scars, all of which can make a girl uncomfortable in her own skin.

When I first had my surgery and gained weight, I tried to hide myself in loose baggy clothing and track suits.  Within a short period of time, I realized that I was letting my diseases get the better of me, and that was not OK.  I have worked hard to love my body and to appreciate and offer gratitude for all it goes through and does every day.  I want to encourage all of you to dress to impress yourself, do not hide any longer.  Embrace your flaws.  You may have things you wish were different or are working on to change, but that does not mean that you cannot love who you are right now in whatever body you are in.

As a full figured woman, I love Torrid.  Their clothes are fashionable, trendy and cut well to enhance a lady’s curves vs hide them.   Here are some quick tips on style and accessories that have really helped me to embrace the body I am in.Top

  • Jeans – I prefer a boot cut vs a straight leg to help create a leaner line. A darker wash over a lighter wash will make you look taller and thinner.
  • Shirts – I am not a fan of clingy, but I still want some shape and structure so that I don’t look like I am wearing a potato sack. Dress
  • Dresses – Recently I have been veering towards a straight and  structured dress vs an empire waist or A line.  I make sure the hemline is just above the knee as it works best for my height.
  • Shoes – oh do I LOVE a great pair of heels!  A pointed toe and similar color to your pant color elongates the leg.  A nude shoe with a dress will do the same.

The best accessories you can have are self confidence and self love.  You are beautiful, just as you are, flaws and all.


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