DIY Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer

School is back in full swing and with it the lovely germs and bacteria that can reek havoc on our immune systems.  I can see it now, little bottles of hand sanitizer swinging from every backpack for miles.  Unfortunately, those little bottles can contain some nasty ingredients that lead to bacterial resistance.  Here is an easy DIY hand sanitizer recipe that is better for you and for the good bacteria in our lives.

In a small squeeze bottle put: 5-10 drops lavender oil, 30 drops tea tree oil, 1 tbs witch hazel extract, 8ozs 100% pure aloe vera, and 1/4 tsp vitamin E oil.

Looking for an alternative to wipes and sprays?  Check out this DIY spray sure to leave surfaces germ free!

In a 2oz spray bottle put: 10-12 drops Young Living Thieves, 1 tsp witch hazel, and fill the rest with water.

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