The Force is with you

“When the flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.” Alexander Den Heijer


Last weekend I allowed someone to speak to me in a very demeaning way. I allowed it for about 5 minutes until I realized I could change the circumstance in which I was being talked to. I could have chosen to be combative but what I chose, was to smile, nod, and walk away without any hurtful words. It left this person knowing I had the power of how  they could treat me.  In that moment I knew I had stepped into my light.

You are your own source of light. I have been working on this concept for years and I am finally understanding how my light is mine , and mine only. No one can dim that light. No one has that power over me unless I give it to them.  A truly hard concept that I work on daily.

What I am learning and what I practice everyday is the control piece of this puzzle. Fighting Breast Cancer for over a decade I have felt many times lost and that I am no longer in control. What I am realizing is that nothing has that much power over my life. Not even Cancer. I control how I react to everything and anything. That includes how I allow people to speak and treat me. That is where the true power and light shines.

For most of my life I have worried myself sick, forsaken my health for others, and been the source of my own obstacles. OUCH! Yes I openly admit and take responsibility of getting in my own way, I have given my power to others without knowledge or recognition. SO what does this mean? I am taking my power back because no one can shine the light for me. I have to be my own source of inspiration, my own advocate, and yes my own light.

Some may say selfish, some may say surviving, I am moving towards THRIVING! You see my fabulous friends, we choose. We choose to be happy, to be sad, angry, hurtful or helpful. We manifest our life.

Months ago I couldn’t have written this article with such passion. Why? I wasn’t living it.   I was trying, but didn’t fully understand the one common denominator in all of my turmoil, was me.  I was allowing everyone and every situation to control me.

I can be the masterpiece and a work in progress. I can be both. The force is already with me. The force is with you all.


All My love to you Fabulous Fighters,





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