Hannibal Lecter I am not…

In early 2017 the most searched for beauty term was “face mask”, so we decided to try some readily available, all natural masks and see what the hype was all about.  Check out our review and pictures below:


Mask #1: Fast Fix Sheet Mask by alba Botanica

Type: Sheet Mask (think of wet toilet paper folded over itself with eye, nose and mouth holes)

Usage: Lay the mask on a clean, dry face, smoothing it down and let sit for 10 to 15 minutes.  Remove the mask and rub in the excess serum.

Results:  It was cold, gooey and annoying to wear.  After removing it and rubbing in the excess serum, our skin felt sticky and tacky for hours after.  No real improvements in the skin noticed.

Recommendation: 1 star, do not recommend this product

Face Mask Review - Alba Sheet Mask
“I look like Hannibal Lecter” – Jodi

Mask #2:  Toullgo Suction Black Mask

Type: Peel Off Mask (put it on wet, let it dry and peel it off like tape)Face Mask Review - Toullgo Black Mask

Usage:  Apply a thin layer to clean and dry skin.  Let set and then gently peel away the mask removing black/white heads and dead skin

Results:  Mackenzie and her friend tried this one and absolutely loved it.  They stated it did hurt a little when peeling, but it removed their black/white heads and left their skin feeling soft.  You can also use this mask in spot application vs over the entire face.

Recommendation: 4 stars, this is a good one!


Mask #3: Shea Moisture Radiance Mud Mask

Type: Clay / Mud Mask

Usage:  apply a thin layer to clean and dry skin.  Let sit 10 to 15 minutes and then wipe off with a wet wash cloth.

Results:  All three of us tried this one and we loved how it made our skin feel and look.  There was a little bit of a stinging sensation when we first applied it, but that went away after a few minutes.  Mackenzie and I both have sensitive skin and this did not irritate us at all.  We noticed a reduction in pore visibility, smoother and brighter skin immediately after use and into the next day.

Recommendation: 5 stars! Highly recommended! 5 star rating

Face Mask Review Shea Moisture Radiance Mud Mask
Ooo La La!



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