Fabulous Find Review – Pink Eye Relief by TRP

TRP PinkEye Relief w logo 2School has started and you are trying to settle into the craziness of getting everyone up and out the door all while trying to ward off the back-to-school illnesses that like to ravage a household. Then it happens, one of your family members wakes up with crusted, red eyes, the ever famous pink eye has set in. This contagious beast can run amuck and take every family member down in a matter of moments. You call the doctor’s office, hoping to get in that day, but how do you keep the infected from rubbing and itching their eyes and spreading the contagion everywhere?

Enter TRP PinkEye Relief! With 100% natural active ingredients, no known side effects, interactions or contraindications, this homeopathic remedy will relieve the redness, burning and swelling of conjunctivitis. It is safe and gentle to use and is great for ages 2 and up. Medical attention is still needed to cure the conjunctivitis, but you can limit the discomfort for the infected and hopefully minimize the spread of it in your home. TRP PinkEye Relief is a homeopathic eye drop with five, 100% natural, active ingredients formulated to relieve symptoms such as burning, watering, inflammation, a sensation of grittiness and overnight crusting of the eye. The winner of the 2017 Women’s Choice Award for America’s most recommended Pink Eye Care, it was voted for by thousands of women across America.

When I was asked to do a trial and review on this product, I wasn’t sure how I was going to test the drops as no one in my house currently has pink eye. Then it dawned on me, Mackenzie suffers from watery eyes, that despite our best efforts and multiple eye drops, continue to tear up. We have tried eliminating certain foods from her diet and eliminating certain factors from her environment, all without relief. With Mackenzie’s consent (ok she was voluntold), we placed 3 drops into each eye. At first, Mackenzie stated that her eyes burned, but knowing that her eyes are constantly irritated, this was not surprising. Within a few minutes, Mackenzie said that her eyes were no longer watering. About 15 minutes after putting the drops in, Mackenzie started doing her makeup, something that usually makes her eyes extra watery. This time, however, Mackenzie’s eyes did not water!  I ended up applying the drops three times throughout the day as the watery eyes started to reappear.  By the next morning, her eyes were not watering, so this one is a keeper in our household!

We found the TRP PinkEye Relief drops very easy to use. The applicator drips easily without being too runny or needing too much of a squeeze. The box is very informative and even lists the purpose of each active ingredient, something that I greatly appreciate. Check out their website, www.thereliefproducts.com, for more information as well as the multitude of other products that they offer.

TRP PinkEye Relief is readily available in major retailers such as: Wal-Mart, Target, CVS, Rite-Aid, Kroger and Walgreens.

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