Chemo Sucks! Stay Hydrated


Managing “normal” eating habits is difficult while undergoing chemotherapy.  Some of the most common symptoms that affect your diet during chemo are nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, changes in taste, dry mouth, mouth sores and loss of appetite.  Trying to eat anything while suffering any of these side effects is down right torture!

If you are having a hard time eating, the most important thing is to stay hydrated.  Being hydrated kept me out of the emergency room on numerous occasions over the last twelve years.  If you are able to stomach a small amount of solid food, these were my hydrating saviors.

Cucumbers – Made up of 96% water, they aid in digestion, flush toxins from the body, soothe muscle pain and are rich in vitamin A, B1, B6, C and D as well as magnesium and potassium. You can eat your cucumbers cut up into pieces or spears, add them to your juice or add them to your water.

Watermelon – Made up of 96% water, it helps the body to detox and remove excess water and fluids.  It helps to boost immunity with a high supply of vitamin C, can improve immune function and help the body defend against cancer.  You can add watermelon to your juice, eat it cut up or freeze cubes or spears of it to suck on to help relieve mouth sore discomfort.

Grapes – Made up of 81% water, they help to improve blood circulation, purify the blood, relieve indigestion and constipation.   High in vitamin C and manganese grapes are great antioxidants.  You can eat grapes whole, halved or frozen to relieve mouth sore discomfort.

If eating really is not happening due to mouth sores, nausea or any of the other joys chemo can cause, I highly recommend drinking coconut water.   As a living food, it has easily absorbable electrolytes, sugars, antioxidants, enzymes, amino acids, and vitamins.  Coconut water is also full of trace minerals and elements.  I was prone to a lot of kidney stones, and coconut water can aid in the dissolving of stones as well as having a therapeutic effect on the urinary tract.



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