Success is subjective

Welcome to a new segment here at Fabulously Fighting – Motivation Monday!  We hope to offer some inspiration for your week with quotes, stories, memes and to pose a challenge (if you choose to accept it) to help you create the best week possible.

Success - what people don't see

“Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently.” – Marie Forleo

Success is subjective, what represents success to you could be the bottom rung of the ladder for someone else.  Even when we look at others, we judge their success by our personal perceptions.  We may see someone as ultra successful yet they may not see themselves in the same way.

Whatever your vision of success is, it takes a plan, consistent hard work and dedication to achieve it.  One of my indicators of success is having my health, both with and post cancer (’cause I am going to beat it).  I have made amazing strides in twelve years, being able to remain on chemo because of outstanding blood values thanks to whole foods and now, after taking myself off of chemo and pursuing a holistic approach.  In order for me to be truly successful in my eyes, I need to be more consistent with what I am doing.

As important as my health is to me, for without it we have nothing, I still allow others to be the priority at times.  Starting this week, I am vowing to commit myself to consistency in my actions towards achieving my goal of good health.  I will be consistent in my food prep and shopping, making sure I am getting the nutrients I need in vegan and raw ways.  I will be consistent in taking my vitamins in both the morning and the evening (morning tends to be an issue for me).  I will be more consistent in my water intake, drinking throughout the day and not just tanking up at night.  I will be more consistent with my positive self talk, immediately replacing anything negative with two positive thoughts or comments.

How will you commit to consistency this week?  What can you put into action that will help you to achieve success?  Do you have a clear plan?  If not, are you willing to create one? What you do today can either bring you one step closer to your goal or one step further away.  The choice is yours my Fabulous Fighters!


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