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Crazy Hair? Don’t Care!

Crazy Hair Dont Care.jpg

You’re cancer treatment has ended and you are starting to see your hair coming back in.  Oh joyous day! As it continues to grow, you may be surprised to find that your new hair has taken on a new color and texture.  Each time my hair has grown back, it has been different: curly, stick straight and wavy.  The first time it grew back, my previously brown hair grew back black as night, with a grey streak running through it and the texture of a brillo pad.  YIKES!

Some Fabulous Fighters play with color, making it blue, purple or pink.  I have chosen platinum blond as my new go to.  Others may let it grow, despite how big and long it gets, just to celebrate having hair again.  I have fallen in love with the pixie cut because it makes me feel funky and fabulous.

Embrace your new hair, however it comes back.  Your hair has changed, and so have you.  Embrace the new and improved, chemo free you.



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