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Gut health

Stress, illness, inflammation and certain medications (especially chemotherapy) can greatly impact our gut health.  About 70% of our immune system lives in our gut, so increasing gut health is extremely important for our overall health.  Here are some simple suggestions to boost your gut health:

  • Eliminate inflammatory foods such as gluten, dairy and refined sugar.  You have heard it before and it may not sound like much fun, but even a temporary hiatus from these foods can allow your gut to heal.  There are a ton of gluten free options available today as well as non dairy milks and natural sugar alternatives.
  • Take Digestive enzymes.  Our pancreas releases digestive enzymes to help us break down our food.  When we do not have the best gut health we do not necessarily absorb all of the nutrients from our food.  Enzymes can help the body break down the food we eat and allow us to better absorb the nutrients.
  • Take pure heart of Aloe juice.  The pure heart is a great digestive aid, anti inflammatory, anti microbial, detoxifier and can help with mouth sores.  You can add the aloe juice to water with lemon or add it to your tea.
  • Take a high quality, live and viable Probiotic.  Probiotics are the bacteria in our gut which can be destroyed by certain medications, inflammation and stress.  Taking a supplement with live and viable bacteria can help to repopulate your gut and increase your gut health and immune system.
  • Eat Fermented foods like sauerkraut, yogurt, kombucha, kimchi, miso and kefir.  Fermented foods are probiotic and can repopulate the gut with good bacteria.



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