Falling into Fall

IMG_1351I have literally fallen into fall. Fallen face first onto my bed, snuggled with my pillow and had to take a much needed inventory of my health. As many of you know I have been the energizer bunny all month long as it has been breast cancer awareness month. I have had many amazing opportunities to travel, speak and to raise awareness. What I failed to do was make my health a priority within the hustle and bustle of this month. I have neglected the one thing I have total control of, and the one thing I constantly remind others of.

As October came to a close I laid in my bed, looking at a night table full of prescription antibiotics, holistic remedies, and warm tea for the numerous ailments that I incurred over the month. I realized I had put myself there. I truly neglected my health and my well being. This is not the first time this has happened and to be brutally honest it probably won’t be the last.

I want to change that behavior, I want to walk the walk and talk the talk. I have no problem telling others that self care should be top priority but when it comes to my own well being I struggle to find balance. This is not easy to admit but I feel this is a step in the right direction. Sharing honestly about my struggles with all of you is also admitting to myself that I am struggling. I have fallen and for a moment lost my spark. Rising from that I am promising to bring the whole damn fire! SO this article is my new beginning, my promise to do the very thing I set out to do – BEAT CANCER!

Today marks 4 weeks until the beginning of the Christmas Holiday, I have a plan in place and all of you are my Fabulous witnesses . I will be updating my progress throughout the month and I hope to inspire someone to make their own health a number one priority.

I am realizing that falling down is human, but it is how we Fabulously Fight to rise up. We are all worth the effort and love.

“Self Care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you.” – Katie Reed

All my best to you my Fabulous Fighters,

Fab- xoxo



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