There’s an app for that!

As we get into the craziness that will be the next two months and heading into the holidays, we will be featuring Take Time for You Tuesday Tricks and Tips!  It is hard enough to take care of ourselves during the rest of the year, but going into the holidays, it feels impossible at times.  Each week we will share a tip on how you can carve out even just a few minutes for yourself to help recharge those batteries.

planksgiving challengeI love walking – especially on a nice day.  Now that we have adjusted our clocks, and it is getting colder, getting myself outside is a bit harder.  I just don’t find walking in the dark and having to bundle up to do it relaxing.  I still want to move my body, however as it is so important for overall health and stress relief.  Enter the workout app and challenges!  You may have seen various challenges floating around social media, I myself have just started the Planksgiving challenge.  If you head to whichever app store you have on your device, and search for “fitness challenges” you will find a bunch pop up for overall fitness or those targeting specific body parts (like planks, squats, pull ups or push ups).  You can also search Pintrest or the internet for fitness challenges.  Most of these can be done in a few minutes (or less) a day and will still get you results and help reduce stress.



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