Gratitude, Grace, Girls and Giggles

Teenage ballerina Mackenzie
Today Mackenzie had try outs for another ballet show. As I was waiting in the room with all of these amazing young ladies and hopeful dancers I took inventory of the feeling in the room.  Girls stretching and warming their bodies in preparation for a half hour audition. Some girls speaking to each other and exchanging pleasantries some keeping to themselves getting their game face on.  The one thing missing was the sound of laughter, the sound of teenage giggles. I was reminded that the world is changing at a rapid pace and we are forgetting to teach our children not to take everything so seriously. We have become a society of manic panic to be the best, do our best, and push our children to follow suit.
I was reminded that my daughters dance journey is hers. She is full of love and determination for the art of ballet. Dave and I agree that we want Mackenzie to push herself, which she does everyday. Her work ethic is beyond admirable.  What has been at the forefront of our recent talks, is reminding her to live in the moment of this ballet journey and to enjoy the ride.  As a 13 year old young adult most things at this age seem overwhelming and beyond her control. What we have tried to instill in her is that the control she has is how she looks at a situation. Every situation, even a nerve wracking audition. She gets to choose to live in the gratitude of the opportunities instead of investing her time in worrying about the outcome.   The ballet world is an amazing but competitive forum, as are sports and other activities our children participate in. In my opinion it is my job as a mother to encourage and foster a healthy mindset for her. That starts by example.
As you may know, I grew up on the stage where I was often judged, belittled, and ridiculed. The stage is also where I learned to grow a thick skin and eventually found my voice. My intention was to NEVER be a stage mom or make Mackenzie feel anything less than the amazing young lady that she is.  The world is big enough for everyone to succeed in their own way. The world is big enough for everyone to have their own happiness. The world is big enough for all of us to share in each other’s successes and happiness.  My advice is to enjoy the moments in between achieving your goals as those are the moments that matter the most.  Those are the moments that will be filled with joy and laughter.
So my Fabulous Fighters live moment to moment joy, laugh more often and share those giggles with your friends and family.  The world needs it now more than ever. We are the leading examples for our children.
All my love,
Xoxo- Fab

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