The gift of enough

You are enough

I’m constantly learning new things about myself. I am a work in progress and reinventing myself all the time. This weekend while I was relaxing and thinking of all the things I could write about I couldn’t put pen to paper. I was struggling to find the perfect words to inspire this week. Then I realized I do not inspire others by being perfect,  I inspire by the way I am dealing with my imperfections and struggles. I started to think about all the women that inspire me daily and the one thing they all have in common is their strength and perseverance.  The reason for their strength is not because things worked out for them, it was because things went wrong and they handled it in a million different ways. They inspire me because of what they do with their faults, their struggles and their imperfections.


The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.  We are not perfect souls we are works in progress, and that is a beautiful thing.  This journey teaches me everyday that my only job is to embrace myself and just be me. I am enough.  I have the opportunity to inspire by being me, by sharing my story and my journey.  So my Fabulous Fighters, be you!  As we head into the holiday season remember you are enough.   We put so much pressure on ourselves to have the perfect tree or the perfect gift for someone, we need to keep in mind the love that we exude and give to others is enough. You are the gift. You are amazing as you are and therefore, what you do will be amazing.  Remember to breath, to stop and smell the hot cocoa and enjoy time with your loved ones as that is what it is all about.   

“You are not a number on a transcript, or a scale. You are not unloveable though sometimes you may fail.  You are full of strength and grace when life is harsh and tough.  You are unique, and you, my dear, will always be enough.” H.B.




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