Star Power – The Fab Five

Star Power Fab Five

Thanksgiving is over and the negative thoughts and self deprivation start to flood in.  “Why did I eat all of that?”  “I feel so fat.”  “The turkey was kind of dry.”  “Why don’t I have my shopping done?”

Negative self talk is something we might do without thinking of it.  Forget something, “Oh I am so stupid.”  Drop something, “Why am I such a klutz?”  Each of these seemingly harmful thoughts puts a chink in the armor of our self worth and self esteem.

You are worthy.  You are enough.  You are a star.  A five pointed star to be exact.  Take that negative comment or thought and place it into the center of your star and give yourself five positive thoughts to replace that negative (The Fab Five).  Embrace your star power to improve your self esteem and self worth.

Let your star shine bright!


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