Cheers to Chai

ChaiI am a huge fan of the warming, spicy quality of a cup of chai. In some parts of world chai just means “tea”. In India, however masala chai is a unique tea known for its major health benefits.  So what exactly is in masala chai?  It is black tea blended with the following spices:

Anise seed: warming herb, digestive aid

Cardamom: ease indigestion, nausea and vomiting

Cinnamon: relieves spasm, lower blood pressure lower fever, reduce stomach upset,

Cloves: antiseptic qualities

Coriander: aids digestion and stimulates appetite

Fennel: supports healthy digestion

Ginger: decreases indigestion, helps battle colds and coughs and improves circulation

Peppercorn: lowers fevers, improves indigestion, reduces gas

Star anise: pain relieving qualities, support healthy digestion, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties

You can purchase prepared chai in loose leaf or bagged tea as well as in concentrate mixes.  If you buy a prepared mix, be sure to note the sugar content (it can be high).  You can make yourself a chai latte by steeping the tea in hot, non dairy milk.  Add a touch of coconut oil and use a hand frother or the blender to get a nice foam.  Instead of sugar or pre-sweetened mixes, try adding a little raw honey or agave to up the sweetness.


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