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Mushrooms, those little fungi, are possibly one of the most underestimated foods that we consume. In nature, mushrooms help to break down organic matter into fertile soil. They also contain incredibly powerful compounds that can improve health, fight cancer and balance your immune system.

These compounds reduce inflammation, destroy infectious microbes, can slow down aging, and can even help regenerate certain cells.

Most importantly, mushrooms are immune modulators.  Imagine the profile of a roller coaster for a moment – those high hills and deep drops.  Mushrooms help to regulate the immune system, essentially flattening out that roller coaster profile. They boost your immune system when it is weak and bring it down when it’s too active (as in allergic reactions and autoimmune diseases).

Here are some examples of the amazing health benefits of certain mushrooms.

Reishi is great for insomnia, anxiety and sinus conditions

Shiitake improves immune weakness, chronic fatigue and protects against cardiovascular disease

Maitake is an immune stimulant, great for cancer prevention and is a glucose level regulator

Eaten 1-2 times a day when you are sick or 2 times a week in soups, stir fry, salads or your favorite recipes, mushrooms can fight off viruses and help to keep your immune system healthy.  You can also take mushrooms daily as a supplement in capsule, powder or tablet form.  We love the Immune Booster powder by Isagenix great for adding to your shake or smoothie.  You can also try Host Defense Stamets 7 Blend capsules  made with US grown organic mushrooms.

You can find a simple yet informative article on the 6 Best Cancer Fighting Mushrooms here


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