Stronger, Braver, Unstoppable!


IMG_1425In 2018 I will be stronger, braver, and unstoppable. What words or mantra will keep you going this New Year?

Many Milestones came along with 2017. As I stared to reflect on this year I will filled with overwhelming emotion. For many years I was told I wouldn’t make it to thirty five let alone forty. I was told I shouldn’t come off chemotherapy and holistically heal. I was told my book wouldn’t make any money and there is no future in publishing. I was told pageant girls need to fit a mold…… Here is the reality, it is the reflection of my strongest belief. My strongest belief is I can achieve anything I set my mind to. SO this year I turned forty in October, I came off chemotherapy and I am officially holistically healing my body, In April I was crowned Miss Pink and in December we launched our own publishing company and our book will be in 24 different countries. My strongest belief is now my reality. I didn’t hold myself back by the thoughts of failure. I embraced that if failure was to happen it would teach me lessons.

My advise for 2018: Give yourself permission to live a big and fabulous life. Step into the person you are meant to be. Stop holding yourself back with thoughts of disbelief and start achieving all the amazing things you are so capable of. You are a Fabulous Fighter and this tribe is behind you 100%.



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