Our angel guides her floating feet


“Everyone has an angel. Given to us from the start. Trust and Faith is what we need to hear them in our heart;” – Michael P. Watson

As I looked up at the sky, there they were- the most beautiful angel wings letting us know she was there. Saturday was a marathon dance day.  Mackenzie had a two hour class mid morning and then we drove another hour for her to audition for a summer intensive dance camp for a prestigious ballet company. The car ride was filled with teenage nerves, pep talks and of course a sign from our angel that Mackenzie would have her Memere’ with her. Dave’s mom, Monique, passed away from Pancreatic Cancer in 2009.  Mackenzie was five years old and at the time we didn’t know how much she would understand or how much it would impact her. The relationship she had with Monique is the most beautiful treasure Mackenzie will forever have. I can remember Monique’s voice as Mackenzie would dance around the living room, “My little Mcken is going to be a dancer.”  Little did we know back then just how right she would be.

Dave and I sat in awe yesterday of not only the dancer she has become but of the amazingly poised young woman she is. She entered a room full of dancers she didn’t know, the artistic director of the program who would be critiquing her and within minutes the director knew Mackenzie’s name and positioning her in the front line. Pride was beaming from every part of us as we watched Kenzie have such passion and poise. The little girl who danced around our living room in a cinderella costume waving a wand around and singing at the top of her lungs, has become a beautiful Ballerina.  She has become a woman who people take notice of. Even more so she has become a compassionate, loving young lady. I can’t help but think of the wings we see in the sky every time we need them, I can’t help but sit here in tears knowing that Monique is watching with pride as her “little Mcken” dances her heart out. We have been truly blessed in our lives by the amount of love that surrounds us. We have been truly blessed to continue to have signs that there is love from above.

My heart is full but I struggle with the feelings of wanting Kenzie to stay my baby girl that still dances around the living room waving a magic wand and being excited about all the amazing things she will do in her life. I struggle with the feelings of wanting to be around to see her accomplish all the things I know she will. I don’t want Cancer to take that from me. But yesterday reminded me that Cancer never will. Our angel reminded us that she still gets to see her “Mcken” fulfill the destiny she called so early in her life. So I worry no more for the future because with brave wings we all fly.
All my Love to you my Fabulous Fighters,
xoxo- Fab



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