Changing “I” to “WE” after being diagnosed with the Big C

I just finished my first full week back on chemotherapy.  My emotions have been all over the place; I threw a couple of pity parties for myself, I have wallowed in the misery of this illness and I’ve struggled to keep a smile on my face, and in my heart. The memories of past treatments came flooding back as if my body was prepared for the worst.  I’ve struggled with night sweats, exhaustion, mouth sores, pain, and nausea, just to name a few.  I have received numerous amounts of support and love this week.  I also received a special text from someone who called me a hero. While it was a beautiful and appreciated text it felt so wrong to accept that term to describe my fight.  I need to give the real credit to the unsung heros in my life.

The past twelve years I have had many people who have blessed me with their love. This week while having my pity parties in silence, so many of you were rallying to my aide.  It is hard for me to accept help in any way, but the ones who persevered for my well being are all heros in my book.

I need to start with my husband, whose love has never wavered through any of the struggles we have endured.  He continues to make me laugh, feel loved, and wipes the tears when things are just too much.  My daughter Mackenzie is a constant source of light and love. She radiates kindness like confetti. I swear she is an actual unicorn, that’s how magical she is to me. My parents whose love and support are a constant blanket that warms me to my very soul; from driving Mackenzie to dance, to preparing meals, to scoping the internet on the newest medical advances. I am truly blessed with the best.   My sister from another mister, Jodi, from pep talks to driving Miss Daisy (Kenzie) you are beyond a miracle in my life. Lissa, AKA- Kenzie’s fairy Ballet Mother. You are a true blessing to not only myself but for the unwavering support for my most precious gift, Mackenzie.  God knew what he was doing when he put us in each other’s lives and I am truly grateful.  My Miss Pink family, the unending support and love you have given warrants so much more than just a thank you. I am honored to represent an organization that backs up every word of its mission.  My beautiful and amazing friends- texts, phone calls, messages, care packages, and all of your love. I feel it every minute of every day.

Cancer is not just the person fighting,  it becomes the illness of everyone who cares for you. It has taken me a long time to grasp that. I pride myself on being a strong, independent woman. What I have been missing, is that letting people help does not make me any less independent and strong. It takes a village.  I have thought long and hard about how I can turn this week around and I finally figured it out. When you replace the “I” in illness with “we” it becomes wellness.  So My Fabulous Fighters, “WE” are turning over the illness to wellness and never looking back.  Wellness takes a whole Fabulous Tribe and that’s what we will continue to do! WE got this cancer, you can go now!

All My love to you Fabulous Fighters,

Fab xoxo 



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