Vegan Product Review: Ion Color Defense

I have been using Ion products for quite some time.  I love how it revives dry hair and preserves color.  We use their vegan, cruelty free products.  Ion never uses animal testing or commissions any animal testing on its behalf, even for their non vegan products.  Their vegan line is easily identified thanks to a clean “100% vegan” stamp on the label.  All of their products are free from artificial colors, synthetic fragrances and parabens.  Studies have shown that parabens mimic estrogen cells and parabens have been found in cancerous breast tumors.  No thanks!

I use the color defense line and it really helps to preserve my color.  Every Ion product that I have ever used always delivers as promised on the label.  Mackenize uses the regular shampoo and conditioner.  She used to have really dry ends, but the Ion line has revitalized her hair.

We absolutely love and highly recommended the Ion Hair Care line which is “Inspired by Nature.”  Visit their site by clicking here



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