Spring Intentional

April is here and even though Mother Nature isn’t totally cooperating, that means Spring is in full swing!  If you are anything like me, you have been anxiously awaiting the Spring weather: windows open, fresh air, flip flops, light jackets, green leaves and green grass.  What are some of your favorite aspects of Spring?

I love the beach, it is a calming, meditative place for me.  When Spring arrives, the warmer temperatures have me craving the waves and sand and we make it a goal to get to the beach as often as possible.  Sometimes, life gets hectic and before we know it, weeks if not a month have gone by without a trip to the sea.  This year, we are working to make our Spring Intentional by setting dates on the calendar for the activities that are most important to us.

Instead of waking up one June morning and realizing Spring has turned into Summer without doing all of our favorite Spring activities, break out your calendar now and get those dates planned.  Maybe it is a hike, a picnic or planting in your garden.  It could be the first family bike ride of the season or a drive to look at the last snow on the mountains.  Whatever makes Spring meaningful to you and yours, make it a priority on your calendar and lock those dates in now.  Your heart and soul will thank you for it.



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