Spring Fever (but not the good kind)

We often fall prey to the incorrect notion that Spring time means we can say bye-bye to the flu and the common cold.  Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case!  The Rhinovirus (cause of 30-35% of adult cold symptoms) is most active in spring, summer and fall. The flu doesn’t do well in humid conditions, but when office or home AC units get fired up, the decreased humidity creates the perfect environment for the flu to thrive.  Keep your immune system in peak condition to avoid springtime illness.  Check out our helpful immune boosting tricks and tips below.

Laughter and Elderberry are just two of the DIY tips offered here: DIY Immune Boosters

These five food supplements will keep your immune system in tip top shape: Natural Immune Boosters and Virus Slayers

Starring grapefruit, this juice is tasty and a great immune booster: Pretty in Pink Juice

High levels of natural vitamin C are the real star here: Strawberry Tropics Smoothie Bowl

An easy essential oil recipe with immune boosting properties:  Immune Boost in a bottle

Watermelon will be coming into season and it is known for its immune boosting properties: Summer Watermelon Cucumber Salad

Boost those T-cells with this amazing antioxidant:  Glutathione – The “Mother of All Antioxidants”


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