The Miss Pink Pageant

This month we will be highlighting the Miss Pink Organization, not only because it is a great cause, but because it is the month of the Miss Pink Pageant.  If you are not aware, I have had the honor and privilege of serving as your Miss Pink 2017.  It has been an amazing year (but more about that later).  This week we wanted to introduce you to what Miss Pink is really all about.

Started in 2010 by Co-Founders Ashley and Nick Shultz as a way to pamper and empower women who are Breast Cancer warriors, the Miss Pink Pageant have become a community of support for survivors and their families.  The pageant continues to grow each year, honoring more Pink Warriors, and raising funds to provide assistance to those in need of help with groceries, transportation and other expenses and issues that can arise from treatment.

“At Miss Pink, our goal is to provide emotional and financial support to women and their families struggling to fight Breast Cancer.  We wish to increase education, aid in prevention, help fund basic medical needs and rejuvenate and celebrate the women who deserve to know how beautiful they truly are.”


  • Educating the community  by teaching about early detection and encouraging regular breast exams
  • Supporting families by providing funds to cover costs of medical bills and basic necessities during times of treatment
  • Furthering research by partnering with medical organizations who are making strides in finding a cure for breast cancer
  • Fostering health habits by offering fitness events, healthy living tips and wellness care

On April 14th, 2018 14 Warriors will grace the stage to tell their story.  For more information on the Miss Pink Pageant or how you can get involved, please visit their website by clicking here



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