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I officially met Kaet a year ago although we had been Facebook friends.  It wasn’t until the Miss Pink Pageant 2017 that we came face to face and Kaet immediately put my nerves at ease.  It was my first time back on the pageant stage, this time in a body that has been ravaged by cancer, but Kaet gave me confidence and made me feel comfortable.  All day she was a bright light, assuring me I could do it.  We formed an instant bond.  Kaet, I can see why your clients love you so much and why you are producing winners year after year.  Please welcome my dear friend, Kaet Parent.

Q: Where are you from? Where do you call home?

A: I am from Van Buren, Maine – a small town on the Canadian border. I now reside in Peabody, Massachusetts.

Q: What do you do for “work”?

A: Pageant Coach, Founder of KP Consulting

Q: How long have you been doing this?

A: 10 years

Q: How did you get started?

A: I began competing in pageants at the age of 6 and instantly fell in love with the world of pageants. I am a former Miss Maine Teen USA and Miss Maine USA. After competing in Miss USA in 2008 I began helping my friends who were competing. My hobby and passion gave me the opportunity to use my experience and expertise to help others grow. It was a part-time/side job while finishing undergrad and graduate school and working full-time. It has now become my full-time job and is the greatest gift. It is beyond liberating to work each day to empower the women around me and help them reach their personal and professional goals.

Q: What inspires and motivates you?

A: In the current state of our world, working in a female dominated industry, where women are working together to build one another up and empower each other is the most motivating thing I could possibly do with my time. Being able to work a job that will show my daughter to always work WITH women, and not against them is something of great importance to me. And I know that the things I’m teaching these women and the tools I’m leaving them with will be with them for the rest of their lives – not just for their competition.

Q: What tips do you have for anyone looking to get into the same thing?

A: For anyone looking to become a coach or consultant in a field they are passionate about and skilled in, the biggest tip I have is to understand that every client is different. There is no cookie cutter, one size fits all way to go about it. In order to be successful, everything should be personalized to focus on the strengths of the client.

Q: What distracts you from your goals? How do you overcome those distractions?

A: As a working, single mother I have very little time for distractions – it’s all about my daughter and work! But a great tip for staying organized (that I do every night), is to create a ‘To Do’ list for the following day.

Q: Do you have any daily routines or rituals that help you to be at your best?

A: I supposed I’d say, see above answer: to do lists. As well as always working at my desk.

Q: What are your non-negotiables in life? How has keeping these things a priority helped you to be successful?

A: I have found that my personal non-negotiables have changed as my life has changed. As a 25 year-old, my non-negotiables were very different than they are now, 5 years later. Being a mom always comes first to me and that is something that will forever be a non-negotiable. Beyond that, maintaining my authenticity in my work and staying true to the values that I believe in are things that will never change. This has lead me to have to separate from certain people in my work life, but it turned out to be all for the better. Aligning people who share the same views, beliefs and values as you is the key to having a happy and successful work life.

Q: What do you like to do for fun?

A: The cliché quote that says, “if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life” is more true than I ever thought it could be! My time is really separated by being a mother and my work with my clients, which is an absolute joy for me. I tend to book a lot of my “free time” with clients because I just love my work.

Q: Do you have any pets? If so, tell us about them

A: I’m borderline a crazy cat lady: I have two (overweight) cats, Leo and Oliver. They are both orange cats…combined with my redheaded daughter, I often get jokes about how I only raise “orange” things in my home. Leo is a typical, unfriendly cat who only loves me. Oliver is the friendliest and often acts like a dog – he loves attention from anyone who will give it to him.

Q: How can our followers find you (website, social media, etc)?

A: My website is kpconsulting.online and on Facebook and Instagram you can find me at Kate Parent Consulting and @kp.consulting, respectively.

Saturday night’s Miss Pink Pageant was an unbelievable success.  Thirteen (!) fabulous fighters graced that stage and it was thanks to you Kaet that they felt comfortable enough to strut their stuff on that runway.  Thank you for all that you do for the warriors and for being the engine behind the scenes that keeps a super busy day and tight schedule on track.

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