Spring Cleaning Feng-Shui Style

Feng Shui in the home
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If you are here in northern New England, the weather of the last 24 hours might have you wondering if mother nature is prolonging the April Fool’s joke.  Despite the freezing rain, sleet and ice, spring is here and it is time to get the clutter out!  During the last two posts (Spring Intentional and Free Your Mind in the Spring Time) we have talked about de cluttering your calendar and your mind.  Today we are going to talk about de cluttering your physical spaces and welcoming in a more positive energy flow.

Let’s talk about energy for a moment.  Last week we talked about negative ions (Let the Negative Ions In (and the sunshine too).  These little, microscopic energy particles have the ability to brighten your mood, reduce anxiety, improve blood pressure, neutralize free radicals and more.  Why does this work?  Because everything is made of energy.  We are literally made up of tiny little balls of energy called atoms, and it goes even smaller than that.  Energy sends out vibrations and when you find something or someone that “resonates with you”, literally the energy of this thing or person is resonating at the same frequency as your energy.  When our energy is vibrating at a higher frequency, we feel good, we are in a positive mindset, things seem to keep going our way and we attract people and things with similar energy.  Organizing your home in a way that helps to boost your energy will not only have you feeling better, but it will help preserve your energy and keep you in a higher energy state.

Enter the basic fundamentals of Feng-Shui (pronounced fung shway).  This ancient Chinese practice aims to ensure that people live in harmony with their surroundings.  Below are eight steps that can help get you started on creating the best energy in your home.

1. CLEAR THE CLUTTER:  Energy, or chi, must be able to flow freely throughout your space and clutter disrupts the flow creating negative energy. Spend 10 to 15 minutes a day decluttering your spaces, tossing what you do not need or want to create more flow and therefore more positive energy.

2.CREATE AN ENTRYWAY TO POSITIVE ENERGY: The entryway of your home should be clean, free of obstacles like packages or pairs of shoes, and open with ease. In Feng-Shui the home should always feel inviting and the first thing you see when you open the door sets the tone for the entire home. Put something that brings you joy so it is the first thing you see upon entering your home to improve positive energy.  This could be a specific piece of art, picture, a beautiful piece of furniture or a beautiful plant.

3. HAVE MORE LIVING THINGS: Caring for things such as plants or animals creates positive energy.  Plants purify the air by absorbing toxins and electrical pollutants admitted by our smart phones, tvs, etc. Larger plants offer less clutter and are sometimes the easiest to care for. The areca palm is pet-friendly, grows up to 7 feet tall, is famous for its air-purifying benefits and is also one of the easiest palm trees to grow indoors.

4. FENG-SHUI YOUR FURNITURE: A Bagua Map is an eight sided, powerful energy map and can be applied to improving your life and your home.  It involves elements, colors, energy and specific areas of your home where these elements should be.  Instead of trying to summarize Bagua, we recommend looking up resources online.  We will instead focus on a more immediate fix, the Command Position.  The Command Position suggests placing your bed where you will have a clear vision of the doorway. The headboard should be against a wall and the foot of the bed should not be in line with the door. The idea spot is generally diagonally across from the door, or the furthest point away, depending on your particular space. This placement creates a sense of security as you avoid being startled when others enter the room.

5. GET OUT YOUR TOOLS: Fix broken things like drawers that stick, drains that clog, and even clothes with holes.  These few examples of “impediments to vitality in the home” reflect a sense of “brokenness.”  Try marking everything that needs fixing with a post it or sticker and as objects are repaired you can peel the stickers off.  This will also be symbolic of the change in positive energy.

6. MIX UP YOUR ART Hanging your art in a straight line creates a “poison arrow.” These sharp edges can make the space feel uncomfortable so instead opt for a gallery arrangement or collage of artwork.  Make sure your artwork is something that brings you joy when you see it.  Any images that you do not like or that do not bring you joy should be eliminated.

7. CREATE A WATER FEATURE: Water is associated with wealth and therefore a flowing fountain helps with the cash flow. Fountains naturally diffuse negative ions in the air when used indoors. Place your fountain facing the front door to signify wealth flowing in.  One side note, do not place a fountain in the bedroom where it will represent worry and sorrow.

8. USE MORE MIRRORS:  You don’t have to go crazy and create a large mirror wall circa 1960, however mirrors help to reflect nature, bring in natural light and can help compensate for missing Bagua areas.  Be sure to use whole mirrors where you can see at least your entire head, shoulders and upper torso.  Small tiled or fragmented mirrors can make you feel “broken up” and have a negative effect.

We have barely scratched the surface here, but hopefully these easy to do tips will help you create more positive energy in your space.  Now, if we could just get mother nature to agree to let it be spring….


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