Little reminders of paychecks and good intentions gone by…..

The trees are budding and it finally feels like spring is really here – well at least when the sun is shining.  In this week’s final installment of our Spring Cleaning series (check out our other posts (Spring Cleaning Feng-Shui Style, Free Your Mind in the Spring Time, Spring Intentional ) it is time to tackle the not so pleasant,  Herculean task of de-cluttering the refrigerator.

Why is it important to de-clutter your fridge? Here are a few reasons and suggestions on how and why to get started:

As the eating habits of you and your family change (season to season, resolution toSave money in your fridge.jpg resolution, etc) your shopping habits should change with them to minimize waste.  What items in the fridge are outdated and past their prime?  What foods do you purchase thinking you will use them, only to toss them later?  By identifying this waste, you can save money in your weekly grocery budget.


Healthy eating.jpgYou had good intentions, but then life and that chocolate brownie happened.  What are your health goals?  Does the food in your fridge reflect those goals?  90% of what is in your refrigerator and cabinets should reflect your health goals (eat less processed foods, eat more veggies, etc).  That remaining 10% should be reserved for the occasional splurge (we do need some balance after all).


If you like to entertain and often find yourself swimming in leftovers that you will notSend guests with leftovers (or do not want to) regularly consume, incorporate doggy bags into your social gatherings.  Pick up some inexpensive food storage containers and pack leftovers into individual meals before guests leave.  Guests are more likely to take home leftovers when they are organized into individual meal portions (they don’t want the clutter in their fridge either).

So, grab that trash can, pull up those sleeves and get cleaning!  Your budget, waistline, friends and nose will thank you!


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