Stepping out of cancer’s shadow


Photo credit: My husband, David. Photo editing, myself

At any given moment you have to two options: To step forward into growth or to step back to safety.  As I gave up the title of Miss Pink two weeks ago I was convinced my pageant days were over. I had that thought before I even competed for Miss Pink. But after a rewarding year of service, the adventures and opportunities I started to rethink my passion and a journey I left behind over 20 years ago.

I have been asked many times after becoming Mrs. David Pinet to compete at many Mrs. pageants. I have been emphatic that I wouldn’t enter another pageant with a chemo and lupus ridden body.  For all these years I hid behind that as an exuse and my safety zone.  Being Miss Pink opened my eyes to the warrior I really am.  It gave me confidence and the glimmer of the old me. But a new, improved, mature, life experienced- me.

A couple of weeks ago I started to inquire about other pageants that would suit what I was looking for. I pageant that was community service driven, a pageant that was all about the person and who they embody on the inside, a pesron who has so much to share with the world.  I inquired about the USA Ambassador pageant.

Their Mission:   The U.S.A. Ambassador Pageant is a charity driven organization that promotes success through leadership, integrity, character, and confidence to its pageant contestants. Founded in the Fall of 2010 by the mother daughter team of Barbara & Kristin Thurston, the pageant was established to promote each contestant’s individual strength and encouraging its queens, contestants, and families to be involved in their communities and serve as ambassadors. To date, the U.S.A. Ambassador Pageant has donated to over 20 different charity organizations across the country and continues to support the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization which serves as their National Charity Beneficiary.

This was everything I was looking for.  SO I applied and I am Happy to announce I am your Mrs. New England USA Ambassador- Competing for the National Title in July.

And so this new adventure begins. I am writing a new part of my story. Letting life be fresh and ready to take on this adventure with open arms.  I am no longer letting my illness be the shadow I hide in.

So my Fabulous Fighters choose new adventures, in the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

Love to you all,

Fab- xoxo 





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  1. Anne F says:

    Good luck on your new ‘journey’! I’m new to your site but I’m already in awe and inspired after reading a few of your posts on your battle and resiliency. 🙂

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