You Are What You Eat

ConvenienceSometimes it can be hard to find great food on the go, so for some, convenience is a real factor when considering what to eat.  Processed and “fast” foods have become our go to for easy food.  If you are trying to lose weight, we know that you must consume less calories than you expend in order to create a defecit.  For some, this deficit becomes about eating far less and often leaves them feeling hungry or unsatisfied.  Extreme caloric deficits and highly processed foods leave us craving more, lacking energy and can even leave our skin looking dull and off color.

If processed foods and extreme caloric defecit can create such issues on the outside, what is happening on a celular level?  Our cells are constantly regenerating and repairing themselves and use the nutrients we eat to do so.  The better the nutrients we eat, the healthier our new cells.  These healthier new cells are also less prone to premature aging and cell death.

In order to achieve healthy weightloss and promote overall health, we should really focus on eating more whole and natural foods like fruits and veggies and less processed foods.  Here are some easy to grab healthy food swaps that will leave you satisfied and will support weight loss and overall health.

Instead of 10 white corn tortilla chips (1oz) 146 calories 38g carbs try 3 ozs stringless sugar snap peas 35 calories and 6g of carbs.  You could eat 12 ounces of snap peas to equal the same amount of calories in 1 oz of tortilla chips.  Swap out sugar snap pea pods for dipping in salsa, hummus and guacamole.

Instead of one medium soda (21 ozs) 182 calories 44g sugar try one cup diced watermelon 46 calories 9g sugar.  It would take 4 cups of watermelon to equal the same calories and sugar of the medium soda.  The water content of the watermelon will increase hydration for a natural energy boost. Try eating it plain or juicing it with a little lemon to quench your thirst.

Instead of one pack M&Ms plain candies 240 calories, 10g fat try 1 cup grapes 62 calories 0 fat.  You could eat 3 cups of grapes for the same calories in a bag of M&Ms.  It takes less time to rinse off and pack some grapes than it does to stop at the convenience store to buy that bag of M&Ms.




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