Obstacles and Adventure


“Obstacles are placed in our way to see if what we want is really worth fighting for.”

For the past 3 weekends we have traveled back and forth to Vermont to see our beautiful ballerina perform. She was accepted into the Burklyn Ballet Summer Intensive In Johnson Vermont. To say we are proud parents is an understatement.  Mackenzie has been working towards this opportunity for 11 years.  She is truly living out her passion. This has not come without hardwork, determination, and many obstacles.  As if growing up with a mother who has cancer was not an obstacle enough Mackenzie also has dyslexia. Mackenzie never uses this as an excuse but it does challenge her life and her dance.  The reason I am sharing this, is to set up this small story I am about to tell.

All week as if the heat wasn’t enough to discourage everybody from doing any work, Mackenzie was dancing 6-8 hours a day and sleeping on the third floor with no AC. She was tired- Mind and Body, And she was put in a performance piece that challenged her to her very core.  The piece was fifteen minutes long, intricate choreography (fast and  technically difficult) When I spoke with her Monday she was so excitd for this piece as she was specifically chosen because of her abilities. Tuesday I recieved a phone call with a meek and tired voice on the other end. As we spoke I started to realize the heat wasn’t the only thing challenging Mackenzie, the choreography was challenging her dyslexia.  Without hesitation Mackenzie told me she would find a way to make her brain talk with her feet and make it work. Wednessday and Thursday the phone calls remained the same with trepidation of the dance but willingness to do whatever it took to get it down. Friday I could hear her voice stronger and her mind sharp as she explained how she worked with her fellow dancers to be able to execute this dance.

Last night both my husband and I watched her light up the stage with her confidence, her smile and comfort- and not one mistake. The dance was flawless. (let me insert, I am not a professional and my opinion is a mother’s opinion. I am sure any trained professional could see technical mistakes) But as her mom I watched in awe of my child who took her obstacle and turned it into the most beautiful fifteen minutes I have ever seen.  I am beaming with pride for not just her god given talent but her ability to overcome an obstacle that could have derailed her.

Today was her day off and before Dave and I headed back home we went on an adventure.  We took a gondola ride 6500 feet above sea level.  I am not one for heights and neither is Mackenzie but we both met the fear with open arms to have this adventure as a family.  As we nestlessed eachother and looked around climbing 6500 feet up,  I was reminded of her performance and the beauty that surrounds us if we just take a moment to look around and take a chance. What fills the eyes fills the soul, and so the adventure begins.

SO my fabulous friends don’t be afraid to take those chances, to seek and have adventure, and to meet challenges head on. You never know what will fill your eyes, your cup and your soul.

All my love to you Fabulous Fighters,

Fab- xoxo



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