Tasty Tuesday Spotlight – Sweet Potato

Sweet PotatoNot all potatoes are created equal!  These sweet tubers pack an antioxidant and antiinflammatory punch.  Sweet potatos help to stabalize blood sugar (surprised?), are high in beta-carotene, are high in vitamin C, and high in fiber which can also aid with weight loss.  Best eaten with 3-5g of healthy fat to maximize absorption, sweet potatoes are a must have!

Check out these easy and delicious ways to incorporate more sweet potatoes into your daily diet:

  • Slice them into fry like or bite sized shapes and roast them with a little coconut/avocado oil, salt and pepper
  • Bake a large batch in the oven or microwave and use as an easy side dish or salad topping
  • Used sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes the next time you make mashed potatoes

Check out these simple recipes previously posted in Fabs Vegan Eats

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