Uncomfortably comfortable

It has been a week since I stood on the National Pageant stage.  I was in Florida competing for the Mrs. USA Ambassador title. Although I did not walk away with the National title I was named first runner up, won the resume award, and was awarded the SLICC (Success through leadership, Integrity, Character and Confidence) award.  As if those accolades aren’t enough I walked away with frienships that will last a lifetime, a boost in self confidence, and more detemination than ever.

I haven’t really talked about why I wanted to particpate and compete again in a pageant. As most of you know I competed a very long time ago in the Miss America system. I thought my pageant days were over until I became your Miss Pink Ambassador 2017.  After crowning a new Miss Pink I was contacted by the national director of the USA system and was awarded the Mrs. New England USA Ambassador title.  For a few days after being awarded the title and thinking about heading to a National Pageant I became afraid, nervous, an uncertain that I could do this. Put myself out there again, being judged(as if I don’t already judge myself).   I sat and really thought about my motivation and my why?

The answer: I declared this year, my year of yes! My year of becoming more comfortable with being uncomfortable. I wanted to share my message of hope and be confident in being in an uncertain situation. I wanted to reach woman who always question their why?  I have curves, I have scars, I have fear. But I also have heart, and sass, and motivation to do and be something fabulous!  I wanted to walk the walk and talk the talk. I always speak about being comfotable in your own skin, fabulously fight in every siutuation, and being you. I found myself- finding myself. I started to dig deep and really embrace who I really am.  The more I let go of the fear the more I became unapologetic about all the things that I held myself back from.

SO no I didn’t walk away with the National title but I walked away a winner in so many ways.  I’ve learned- Acceptance is an inside job, you don’t have to see the whole path to take the first step,  and perfection in not required for your words and actions to matter.

So my fabuous fighters, GO FOR IT! Even if it doesn’t work out, you still win! You still have the guts to head straight into something that you fear. That type of bravery will take you places.  Get uncomfortably comfortable with the next opportunity.   BE Bold, BE Brave, Be YOU!

All My love to you Fabulous Fighters,



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