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Mindful Monday – It is time to forgive

Let it go.jpgIt is time to release persistent guilt and regret.  Continuously beating yourself up for things you did or didn’t do in the past will not help you today in the present or tomorrow in the future.  When I feel bogged down by my past mistakes, I speak forgiveness to myself.  I wait for the day when I no longer feel bound by choices made long ago. Every negative statement has an expiration date, thoughts and emotions are transient things. When the right mental discipline combines with the right life conditions, the troublesome mental state will disappear. Speak forgiveness to yourself today.

Just say “I forgive you for doing______” You may not feel relief today, but if you continue to have self dialogue in a this manner things will start to change. It all starts with forgiveness.

Is there someone who wronged you?  Someone you hold anger towards? Someone who hurt you?  It is time to forgive them – not for them, but for yourself so that you can move on.


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